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OpenText WSM 16

Auch im wachsenden Produktportfolio von Open Text wird das ehemalige RedDot CMS ständig weiterentwickelt. Eine langjährige Roadmap ist definiert.

Neues Release OpenText Web Site Management 16

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Auch die neue Version 16 bringt zahlreiche neue Features. Weitere Updates und Versionen sind bereits angekündigt und liefern weitere Funktionen. Im Folgenden listen wir die neuen Funktionen des Release 16 auf. Gerne informieren wir Sie auch über die weitere Roadmap von OpenText Web Site Management.

New Features in OpenText Web Site Management Version 16.0

Asset Management

  • Modern HTML5 UI with enhanced functionality

  • New Asset Folder Type for database managed assets

  • HTML5 Picture Elements supported by using reference elements or child elements

Operational Excellence - Staging

  • Staging for project structures, a reliable and repeatable transport mechanism

  • Export and Import to XML Staging Package

  • Controlled and repeatable merging of project structures into existing projects

Operational Excellence - Reporting

  • Reports available in the editorial environment, showing Editors immediate feedback for the success of pages they manage

  • Twelve Standard-Reports available as Homepage-Widgets

  • Installer for Tracking Recorder

Mobile Editing

  • Mulitiple Device Support (Android, iOS)

  • Fully responsive UI

  • Project selection

Platforms and Integrations

  • Support of Microsoft Azure as a platform including the use of SQL Azure database

  • InfoFusion Search Integration for website search, with a REST API for custom enhancements

  • Document Management Integration to Content Server 16

  • Microsoft Edge Browser Support

  • Integration of OT Global Help Server (GHS), allowing for immediate bug correction in help/documentation outside WSM releases and avoiding the release of Language Packs

Version 16 Update 1 (November 2016)

Asset Management

  • Conversion of old Asset Manager to new Asset Folder

  • Authorization for new Asset Folder

  • Asset Panel supports the Asset Folder

  • HTML 5 UI for asset editing

Enhance Reporting

  • Geolocation information available in reporting model

  • Referrer information tracked and stored for reporting and targeting

  • Homepage Widget for iHub Reports and Dashboards with SSO

Platforms & Integrations

  • Integration with Media Management 16 and Adaptive Delivery

  • Support of Windows Server 2016 and MSSQL 2016

  • Document Management Integration of SharePoint 2016

  • Alignment of Microsoft Azure Load Balancing and WSM Clustering

Version 16 Update 2 (July 2017)

Editorial Support

  • Semantic Analysis supporting the editorial process with automatic content creation and suggested related content

  • Management of translation processes via new HTML 5 UI and coordinated release for all languages

  • Unified workflow management with one-page approvals

  • HTML 5 drag&drop support for navigation management

Dynamic Content Delivery

  • Management of content snippets, taxonomy, and metadata management

  • Delivery Server REST-API, AJAX access for DynaMent execution

  • Enhanced personalization for targeting

  • Dynamic Navigation based on taxonomy and metadata


  • A/B–Testing for static and dynamic pages

  • On-page SEO testing

  • Spellcheck as-you-type

  • Segmentation based analytics

Cloud Deployment

  • WSM as turnkey OpenText Cloud deployment

  • Multi-tenancy for the enterprise

  • One-click cluster node setup and configuration

  • WSM available in Azure Marketplace


  • OpenText Optimost integration for optimization of static pages

  • Experience Analytics integration

  • Process Suite integration for campaigns

  • Web Archiving with OpenText Archive