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An unexpected oppourtunity to make a difference

We are a German web service agency and sponsoring a science conference in Portugal is not the first association that would spring into your mind.

Our Lisbon based colleagues occasionally consult and socialise with friends and scientists at the well known Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and learnt about the transdisciplinary symposium [3C] Cells, Computers & Clinics during October 26 – 28, 2022.

This symposium brings together fundamental, computational and clinical research and the COVID19 pandemic showed us what a significant difference such a scientific exchange can make to enhance global scientific collaboration to the benefit of our societies. Furthermore, the symposium makes a strong effort to implement a sustainability concept and we saw an opportunity to support this exemplary event with its approach.

"Reduce and Reuse
into practice

We learnt that the conference host would have to rely on disposable paper cups to server beverages. We do not want to go into detail about disposable cups, but it is safe to assume that quite a considerable amount of disposable waste would have been produced over the course of the event.

Reusable glasses are a more sustainable solution and can be reused many times during and even after the symposium. 

We as a company have a strong ecological awareness and immediately offered to sponsor the symposium with reusable drinking glass that could not only be used for this symposium but can be donated to the institute’s cafeteria.

Learn more about the symposium

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We are a German web service agency and help our customers create holistic digital experiences. Being experts in UI implementation at all digital touchpoints, we manage sophisticated digital experience platforms and implement digital business processes for well-known clients such as Fujifilm, Nintendo, Skoda, Sky and others.

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